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Soeren von Varchmin

Consulting. Advising & Playing guitar. I know pretty much everything about the Cloud.

  • In-depth knowledge about worldwide Domain-, Cloud- and Internet Infrastructure Markets.
  • Thousands of C-level contacts in this area.
  • Business Angel, Investor and Advisor to various Internet-and Cloud Companies.
  • Rockstar and a guitar player.

Soeren von Varchmin

Hi. I'm Soeren von Varchmin and I know pretty much everything about the Cloud.

This is how I work

I am open for consulting: from rather small niche startups to international companies. Everything Cloud, Domains and Blockchain is right up my alley. I work in small teams, big teams and alone, too. Clear metrics and defined goals are something that I like in particular.

Recent gigs:

November 2018 – Now

Co-Founder of DNS global A/S with products RegistryOffice (registryoffice.global), a Business Intelligence Solution for Registries, and AbuseMonitor for Registries, Registrars and Service Provider

January 2014 – Now

CEO at CloudFest (cloudfest.com) and NamesCon (namescon.com)

September 2019 - Now

Advisor to Sitejet (sitejet.io), a Websitebuilder and Process Management for Agencies building websites for customers (DIFM)


various gigs for Private Equity Funds, when it comes to knowledge and advisory around Service Providers and ISVs in the Cloud Ecosystem

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